Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking Free

I'm facilitating Beth Moore's Bible study, Breaking Free, and we've just finished Week 6. I completed this study in 2004, but my mind and heart were so broken at the time, I wanted to do it again--to see if I missed anything. So far everything is "ringing a bell" with me. Of course, comparisons are inevitable. I was going through counseling in 2004. This time my mind and heart are healed and not every answer is about my past life--now it's about how God has been working in recent months.

It continues to amaze me just how much Jesus has changed my life. Three years ago I couldn't have foreseen holding a Bible study in my home much less facilitate one. No one except family and my best friend ever came over to my house and I liked it that way. I was much too nervous and self-conscious to have people over. Now I have a house full of guests on a weekly basis, and I'm enjoying talking with them and learning how God is moving or has moved in their lives. Freedom in Christ truly brings new liberties in life. Praise God! And the best part of all of this is that I did nothing to earn or deserve my new life. It's by the grace and mercy of Jesus that I can function at all. That I can wake up every morning and say, "Good morning, Lord. I surrender to you this day." I love Him so much because He loves me so much! He loves all of us so very, very much!

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Shelly said...

This was just precious sister.

He truly is our Redeemer!