Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stepping Up: Psalms of the Ascents

Our Beth Moore Bible study has started and none too soon! We've had the Introductory Session and I've completed the first 3 days of homework, and it is just amazing to me how God times these studies. I have felt I was stuck in my spiritual journey for awhile now and not really knowing why or what to do about it. But this study has already helped me take a step forward. I am so grateful. Say what you will about other studies, Beth Moore's are the only ones that force me to delve into the corners of my heart and take a look at what is hiding there. I need that!!!!! And in this study, Beth is going to help us really "get into" the Word by applying some comprehension techniques and study techniques that I've been longing for. I need procedures like these to help my brain absorb and remember what I'm learning. Plus I can transfer this to my Sunday School lessons.

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