Sunday, September 21, 2008

Evacuation from Hurricane Ike

Well, my family and I evacuated our town on September 11, and today we heard that 85% of our city and some of the surrounding cities have power. Praise God! We've learned from other family members that we've lost 2 trees (one which fell on the truck that we opted not to take with us--minor damage to the truck--we think)and something hit the back of our house with enough force to knock a long hole in the siding and push out a patch of sheetrock in my bedroom wall. Part of our fence is down as well. Of course, this is nothing compared to those who've lost their homes. One news report said that out of 3000 plus homes in a nearby city only 14 were undamaged. One of those residents happened to be in the same motel we are staying in and told us she had lost everything. She has a husband who is disabled, and they must now move in with one of their children. They had not purchased flood insurance because they had checked and made sure they weren't in a flood zone. No one anticipated the levy in that town to give way. It had never happened before. I'm sure there are many more families like this couple. Please keep all victims of recent hurricanes in your prayers. We're hoping to be able to return to our home sometime this week.

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