Thursday, October 16, 2008


A precious sister in the Lord passed away yesterday. After battling breast cancer for more than 3 years, she is now completely and most beautifully healed and in the Presence of our Lord. I have known Nancy for over 30 years. Most of that time was through Sunday School and church gatherings. She and I became closer as our boys grew, and we shared our similar frustrations and joys. Being an introvert by nature, I felt most comfortable whenever I knew Nancy was going to be at the same event I was invited to because I knew I'd have someone to talk with. I knew she and I would get together and I wouldn't feel so awkward. In fact, Nancy seemed to make it a point to seek me out and start up a conversation. Whenever my Sunday School class met for fellowship, she made sure I was invited--even during the years I did not regularly attend. She was the first to call and organized a meal for me whenever I had my hysterectomy. She was the most supportive of me in my Sunday School class whenever I shared about my panic and depression. She was also in my Bonco group and often called and invited me to ride with her. She bragged on me at Bonco for being able to conquer my panic attacks through faith in God's Word. Later, she encouraged me whenever I taught the lesson in our S.S. class and when I began facilitating Bible studies. She attended our Bible study when she could, and we often prayed for her over her needs. God answered in ways we couldn't even imagine.

Throughout her battle with cancer, the enemy tried to steal Nancy's faith, destroy her witness, and kill her hope, but he did not succeed! Throughout her long trial, she remained confident of who she was and whose she was. She was a witness to all who came in contact with her of her faith and confidence in Jesus. Like so many who knew and loved her, I will miss seeing her smiling face and hearing her precious voice. In my opinion, she fulfilled her calling and is the perfect example of "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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