Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Believe

(Note: It's about seven years later, and I've found this song on YouTube.  Click here if you'd like to hear the  music.)

I'm rehearsing for our church's Christmas concert by playing our cd in the car every morning when I take my husband to work. The music this year is just wonderful. It's wonderful every year, but this year there's a song we're doing that I love, love love! Here's the main chorus. It's our shield of faith in a nutshell.

We believe this is the Christ, the hope of Heaven sent to earth.
We believe He ruled on high but came in lowly human birth.
And we believe this King will reign and all the world will know His name. And those who bow, He will receive.
We believe.
We believe.

I'm getting chill bumps all over me as I write those words. They are Truth! They are living! They are eternal! I wish you could hear the music that goes with the words. To me what makes a song truly great is that the music exactly captures the mood of the words. That's what happens in this song.

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Anonymous said...

I happened upon this blog by searching for ascent materials to study. I have to agree the words to this song are beautiful and have a God-filled glorious time with your play.