Friday, January 9, 2009

My Inspirational Person

On another website, someone posted their most inspirational person and invited others to post theirs, so I thought I'd post what I wrote there on today's blog.

My inspirational person for the past 5 years has to be Beth Moore. She was sexually abused as a child by an extended family member, but never stopped believing that God loved her and had a glorious plan for her life.

During the Believing God series, she talked openly and honestly about her insecurities, her struggle with low self-esteem, her past addiction, and being caught in the stronghold of sexual sin in her younger years. And how the love of Jesus set her free and renewed her mind through His faithfulness and through the reading and studying of His Word. I have never seen anyone who loved Jesus or God's Word as much as Beth Moore. She's living proof that those who've been forgiven much, love much.

It was because of her courage and her godly wisdom and teaching that I found courage to seek God and to come against my panic and anxiety with Scripture. I had been a Christian for 48 years, but I had never known how to live day in and day out depending on Jesus. I didn't know how to pray Scripture over my problems and challenges.

After the Believing God study, every time I'd feel defeated or discouraged through doubts and fearful thoughts, I'd remember what Beth Moore had said in one of her teachings: "That's the enemy. Don't put up with it!" And I'd pray for strength and help. I learned how to make my theology (what I believed in) match my reality (the way I was living)--putting hypocrisy away and living in authenticity. No more hiding. No more living for others' approval. Only for God's.

To me, Beth Moore is my modern-day "Paul". Always encouraging, always loving, and always "livin' out the thing" in Jesus Christ.

If you have an inspirational person, feel free to post it in a comment!

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