Friday, August 14, 2009


I was going to offer a week by week summary of Me, Myself, & Lies, but my plans have been altered so I'll just summarize what I learned through the 6-week study:

Summary for keeping my thought closet healthy & balanced: listen to the voice of Truth (not every thought is necessarily my own), do Bible studies to learn God's Word, memorize or meditate on God's Word daily, cry out to God when my soul is downcast, (Ps. 42:5, 8, 11) and ask Him to lead me on (Ps. 61:2), practice the 3 R's to wisdom (Request it--James 1:5; Revere God--Prov. 9:10; Receive counsel--Prov. 13:10, 12:15), stay spiritually alert (confess sins on a daily basis), fortify my thought closet with prayer, accountability, and faith, learn to still my soul & rest in God, remember God's blessings and benefits so I will stop complaining, maintain and care for my body, God's temple, and abide in Christ--my hope, my anchor, my glory.

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