Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Heart of Our Desires

Beth's going to offer the Simulcast as a download from her Living Proof website. Not the blog...her website. Yes! It'll take a little time to go through the production process but then will be available as a download from her store. I'm so glad she's going to do that. The teaching was awesome!

So was the worship team. I've not been able to stop listening to Travis Cottrell's cd, Jesus Saves Live, which I bought at the LPL Simulcast. We sang most of the same songs on the cd during the Simulcast.

"Freedom's calling, chains are falling, hope is dawning, bright and true; Day is breaking, night is quaking, God is making all things news. Jesus saves!!! (From Travis's song, Jesus Saves)

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Sheryl said...

Amen, Sister! I was at that concert. Travis was awesome!