Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breaking Free, Updated!

This morning it was my honor and privilege to invite the ladies in my Sunday School department to come to the Winter Ladies' Bible Study beginning February 9. My church has decided to do Breaking Free, by Beth Moore (the updated version)--and I'm facilitating the morning sessions. I can't wait! Though my heart was hammering in my chest, I gave a short testimony of how the original Breaking Free Bible study had taught me to pray Scripture during my panic attacks and that this study explains how God is more powerful than our strongholds, whether it be anxiety or overeating or feeling unloved. When I said that I hadn't had a full-blown panic attack since 2006, there were a few "Amens!" spoken. :) I love my Sunday School department! I suppose that any time I have to speak to a group, I will have that "chest-pounding", but I have learned that if I ignore it, it gets better or goes away. I'm not sure why I am afraid to speak up or be the center of attention, but I suspect it has to do with the abuse I suffered in my past and my low self-esteem. I've learned to talk to myself during those times, reminding myself that God is with me, that He will never leave me or forsake me, and that I am dear and precious to Him. When I remember that, I can face anyone or anything.


Robin said...

Hi Joni,

Praise God, for how He is used your "going through the fire" for His Glory; by assisting other saints in their struggle with depression and anxiety. I am at an all time low. I have been dealing with chronic pain, that is just another avenue for the fear, doubt and sadness.

Is there anyway we can correspond confidentially. my email is

Thank you, Joni for "being there" and thanks to all the others that have posted in letting me know that I am not the only Christian with such awful dark miserable thoughts and struggles.

In His Name,

Joni said...

Tried to email you, Robin, but it wouldn't go through. You may have mistyped your email.