Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Annoying Things

Monday was my yearly physical. I brought my list with me to discuss items of concern with my doctor. We went through each item swiftly until I mentioned the last one. "I've got this bump on my arm," I said. It kinda itches and has grown a bit larger since last year but it doesn't really bother me." She looked at it and said, "It's probably just scar tissue. I can take it off for you." So after the deadening shot, she removed it post haste. Surprisingly, I was calm. Instead of thinking about the needle being stuck in my arm or the fact that a sharp blade was slicing through my skin, I thought about my Bible verses. I thanked God for giving me His Word to meditate on instead of letting my fearful thoughts take hold. My doctor is sending off a biopsy, but I'm not worried. Glory to God!

Yesterday, I had an appointment to get my car's oil changed. I was also going to have my keyless remotes checked because sometimes mine works and sometimes it doesn't. The day before the appointment my remote wouldn't work. I tried to unlock the car by inserting the key into the lock. The lock wouldn't turn. Interesting, I thought. I tried my husband's key. Nothing doing. So I decided the car dealership must've forgotten to give us an entry key for the car. We bought the car 3 years ago, and I couldn't remember if I had ever tried to unlock the car with a key. I always use the remote. So I borrowed my husband's remote and took mine as well so I could discuss getting new ones and also getting an entry key.

My first surprise upon arriving at the dealership to get my oil changed was that they were no longer a GM dealer. Since they were no longer a GM dealer and my car was under warranty, I was told they couldn't help me with the remotes or order an entry key. I'd have to call another GM dealership. Okay, I thought. It would've been nice if this dealership would've mailed me a letter or something because I was feeling slightly abandoned. Perturbed. I didn't want to be locked out of my car if both remotes suddenly stopped working. Then I chided myself for getting so annoyed. It wasn't this man's fault, and it wasn't likely "both" remotes would stop working. So I settled down to read the book I'd brought.

Halfway into the oil change, the service manager came to get me. "You need to see this," he said. Carefully, walking underneath my car with a flashlight, he showed me my tires. I couldn't believe it. They'd been worn down to the steel fibers on the insides of all the tires. The man assured me they'd never get past inspection with the treads worn away like that. I informed him I had had my car inspected last month. He was incredulous. "This car isn't safe to drive with tires like these," he said fervently. "You could have a blow-out on the way home. You need new tires and an alignment. I can call and get the tires here in an hour." We called my husband. Much discussion. Ten minutes later a shuttle driver brought me home.

He came back to pick me up a few hours later after the tires had been found, bought, and aligned. "Now you are safe," my service manager assured me. I thanked him for caring and for acting so quickly to get this problem solved.

That evening I called the GM dealership nearest me and discussed the remotes and the entry key. I was informed the ignition key "is" the entry key. I explained neither of my entry keys worked. The service guy was at a loss. And then it hit me. I had had a wreck a year and a half ago and had body work done on the driver's side. A few weeks later, the door handle had come off in my hands with spiral wires protruding from the gaping hole. I'd had to take the car back for them to fix the handle. Obviously, they'd done something that affected the tumblers in the lock.

My husband called the body shop this morning, and I picked him up this afternoon and off we went to the body shop. It was at that time that we heard a sound coming from trunk. I had a box with a small air compressor in it in case I ever get a flat tire, and sometimes it had a tendancy to slide around back there. I reminded my husband about the box. Nothing to worry about. Minutes later, I repeated that phrase to myself as my husband explained our key problem to the body shop service guy. After jiggling the key in the lock, he decided something had not been pushed forward enough when they had reassembled the handle back in '06, so the key wasn't really being inserted all the way into the chamber, and if we'd just be good enough to wait fifteen minutes, they would remove the door panel and repair this for us. We waited. They repaired it. We thanked them for acting so quickly to get this problem solved.

On the way home my husband and I were feeling better...until we noticed that noise again from the trunk. We came home, ate supper, removed everything out of the trunk, and my husband and oldest son took it for a drive. My husband came back annoyed. "Something's rolling around loose in one of the tires in the back," he decided. "We'll have to take it back in tomorrow."

I already had a blood test scheduled in the morning and was going to the GM dealership after that to pick up new remotes, so we decided to go back to the service center and have them check the tires after our other errands. Well, I thought, we're being hit right and left, but these are all things that can be easily solved. Irritating, and inconvenient, but God still reigns! I threw some wet clothes into the dryer, set the timer and pushed the button. There was a grinding sound. I opened the dryer door-the drum wasn't rolling. I closed the door and pushed the button again. Same grinding sound-no drum roll. I laughed out loud. This was just too funny. It was downright hilarious. I tracked down my husband and told him. He was shaving. He didn't laugh.

Just a few minutes ago, he managed to get it started. Said something about a slipped/stretched belt. We'll have to order a new one. I thought about Job. In my Read Through the Bible in a Year, I've just hit the first two chapters of Job. Now this man had real problems, and he kept his trust in God. Sometimes, though, I think it's these little annoying, inconvenient things that can drive us over the edge, if we let them. Learning to keep God's perspective is one thing I've learned from studying God's Word. That, and fiercely trusting in His goodness and love no matter what. Life can be annoying, but we don't have to let it make us irritable or anxious.

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