Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One of the Greatest Blessings

One of the greatest blessings in life (if not the greatest) is when we meditate on how much God has done for us. I've gone down memory lane this morning, and my heart has been broken once more over how much He loves much He loves all of us. I believe that we can all have strong testimonies of what God has done for us if we would just turn our lives over to Him in every situation on a daily basis. There are so many opportunities to pray and ask for God's help, but we don't take advantage of them. We are like "Pharoahs" with hardened hearts, doing it our own way--the way we've always done things--not realizing we're getting nowhere because of our unbending wills.

I guess that's the most important lesson I learned during my season of panic and depression when I couldn't handle ANY area of my life, and I had to pray and ask for help just to get out of bed in the morning. You know what? I'd forgotten all about that. I'd pray because I couldn't muster any strength at all, and then after my prayer, I'd be able to get up. Amazing. Does God want us to walk around with broken spirits, minds, and hearts like that? No, of course not. But He does want us to walk around with that same humble attitude--"Lord, I can't make it today without You. Lord, my way is not the best way. Thy will be done." We just sometimes forget that it is by God's grace, and His alone, that we live and move and have our being. There is not one thing we have that God has not given to us. Our very breath comes from God.

I've a renewed spirit this morning--a renewed desire to walk closely beside my Saviour and follow His lead. This morning I told the Lord I wanted to hug Him, and I wanted to crawl into God's lap and hug Him, too, because of all the great things He has done for me. Given me. Times of blessing. Times of companionship. Times of love, joy, peace. Answered prayers. Soothed feelings. Healed relationships. So much! Who can deserve so much love? No one. That's the greatest thing, too. Can't deserve it. Just be blessed in it. Makes me love my Saviour all the more.


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Your blogs are very inspirational. I have recently been experiencing panic attacks. After reading some of your blogs I have rededicated my relationship my with Savior!!!

God is blessing you and because of your experiences He has allowed you to help others :)

May God continue blessing you daily.