Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Signs of Spring

I saw a robin yesterday, and this morning a cardinal is singing outside my window. Sounds like he's saying Cheer, cheer, cheer! My heart agrees. Cheers to sunshine and warmer temperatures, because it is in the 40s right now. :) Cheers to a new day beginning because who knows when and where God will show up and strike us dumb with His wonder. Cheers to conquering fear and darkness with the warmth and light of love. Cheers to the peace of God which passes all human understanding and which guards the hearts and minds of His children. Cheers, or perhaps the better word is Praises to the Maker of heaven and earth, the One who churns up the seas so that its waves roar, to our heavenly Father who knows what is best for us and who teaches us the way we should go, to our Defender and Protector, our Redeemer and Friend, the LORD God Almighty! Nothing is impossible for Him. No problem too great, no request too small. Praise you, Lord!

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