Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day

Today it really looks like Spring outside. I just love this time of year! Not only because it brings color and life to my backyard, a perfumy freshness to the air, and beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds, but because it is the season I came to know Jesus--truly know Him--as my Deliverer, my Refuge, and my Good Shepherd. I had always heard He was those things before, but I had never allowed Him to be those things to me. Redeemer, yes, Saviour and Lord. But I didn't give Him much opportunity to lead me like a lamb throughout my days or to deliver me from overwhelming fear or shelter me from evil.

As a Christian, I grew up hearing, "God helps those who help themselves", which, by the way, is not in the Bible. In fact, just the opposite is true. Ps. 31:22 says, "Yet you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help." But because I grew up listening to the voice of man more than the Word of God, I thought I had to bear up on my own, that God was up there somewhere handling important stuff, and I was only to bother Him with the really big things in my life. I missed a lifetime of opportunities to know God in my circumstances, but I know it is wrong to wallow in self-pity. God has promised to work out all things for my good.

I've since read different authors say that God wants us to truly know Him as He is--every facet of His character--and if that's true then I glory in the fact that He isn't through revealing Himself to me. Because we've only just started. Aren't you glad there's so much of God to know? We will go to Heaven still not knowing all there is to know about our glorious Father of Lights! But while we're here, we'd be foolish not to try to know Him as He desires us to know Him as we walk through life together.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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