Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

I had asked God to make this a very meaningful Easter, one in which I could fully rejoice, and the enemy must've overheard because he tried his best to ruin it.

It began after my son and his wife drove in Thursday night to leave their dog with us while they flew to my daughter-in-law's parents in Arkansas to spend Easter with them. That wasn't a problem, but a few hours after they left our house Friday morning, my mother called to tell us my daddy had fallen and needed my husband and I to come and get him up off the floor. (My parents are in their eighties.) When I arrived, Daddy had bloody gashes up and down his arm and on his hand and a hematoma rising up on his bicep where one cut was. We were able to get him up and into the bathroom and doctored his cuts. He didn't want to go to ER so we applied ice to the hematoma, and I said I'd take him to the hospital Saturday if he wanted me to. Back at my house, I got alone with God and asked Him to make the hematoma dissolve and to help Daddy's cuts heal. Saturday morning my mother called and said Daddy was really sore and wanted to go to ER. I dressed and was almost out the door when Mother called again and said he'd changed his mind and didn't want to go. He agreed to call the doctor on Monday for an appointment and I said I'd drive him. Mother asked me if I'd drive her to her hair appointment Monday morning, and of course, I said yes. (My husband is legally blind and cannot drive.) Then Saturday evening Mother called. Daddy had slipped out of his chair and couldn't get up. My husband and I went back over there and thankfully he had not hurt himself further.

Easter morning came and after an extended quiet time with God (you can guess why), I listened to a Travis Cottrell cd while I dressed for Sunday School. I looked forward to church because I'm in the choir and we were singing, I've Just Seen Jesus, as our special music. It's one of my favorite songs. Well, the church service was wonderful and I truly felt the Spirit's Presence because I was tingling all over with joy--that's the only way I know how to describe it, and I believe everyone else felt Him, too. My pastor even mentioned that he felt God was in our midst. I wanted this feeling to last all day.

When I came home from church, still singing and praising God, my husband said my oldest son had called and said someone had busted out the window of his truck during the night and had stolen some items. He couldn't go to work with a busted window so I would have to drive him on Monday if he couldn't find a ride. Then my husband said we'd have to find some way to get my son's truck in to get the glass repaired, but he didn't know how soon they could take the truck or how we'd get it there. He was tense and overly worried, and I told him that he needed to pray and ask God to help work things out. I fixed our Easter dinner and took some of it over to my parents. Mother was trying to change Daddy's bandages so I stayed and helped clean the cuts. The hematoma was going down (Praise God!!!) Then I came home and had a short nap before driving an hour to a pre-designated spot where my husband and I met my son and daughter-in-law and returned their dog to them. Then we turned around and I drove back home.

And that's when anxiety tried to rear it's ugly head. I was worn out, I was concerned Daddy had hurt himself more than he knew, and maybe I should've made him go to the Emergency Room. I didn't know how I was going to get everyone where they needed to be on Monday. It seemed everything was piling up on me. I prayed and reminded myself that God would work things out, but I had tension in my stomach and chest, so I took a small dose of my prescribed sedative so I could have a good night's sleep.

This morning our son drove his truck to our house, my husband called a glass repair place, we followed my son to the glass repair place, dropped off his truck, and then dropped him off at work, and came home. One hour later, I picked up my mother for her hair appointment and went to a plant nursery to chill out for 30 minutes, then picked her up and took her home. I had bought her a geranium and I set out the geranium, impatiens, and verbena that I bought for myself. Before I knew it, it was time for Daddy's appointment. We spent about an hour there while he was examined and xrayed. The doctor said everything looked good but that Daddy would be very sore for a few days. They rebandaged his cuts and the doctor said the hematoma was gone. Getting my parents into the car, my cell phone rang. My son was ready to be picked up from work. I dropped off my parents, picked up my husband, and saw the truck in the driveway--all fixed. My husband had paid extra to get the glass place to deliver the truck to us. We picked up our son and then stopped and ate before coming home so I didn't have to cook supper. Yes!

The enemy didn't get what he wanted...I was able to fully rejoice in my salvation Easter morning, and God worked every single problem out for us, and I am giving Him the glory!

Psalm 34:17 "The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles."

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