Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ragweed Season, Hurricane Season, and a Cold Front

I was sick for nine days beginning Friday, Aug. 13. Woke up with a very sore throat and sinusitis. It’s ragweed season….I already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled and was given a nose spray and an antibiotic. The nose spray made me very nauseous and gave me a headache (have I mentioned I’m medication-sensitive?) so I couldn’t use it. I took Actifed and Robitussin DM and slept and felt miserable for the weekend. I started feeling better on Monday, took my mother to her hair appointment, and began shredding more of my parents’ old bills, bank statements, insurance records, property tax records, etc. After shredding for 3 hours, which included papers from 1957 (I kid you not!), I started feeling bad again. The next morning the sore throat was back and everything else. Then it dawned on me that since I’m allergic to dust, it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to handle old documents, much less shred them. So I relapsed.

The good news is I was forced to rest. My sister and her husband handled getting my parents a new tv—their tv went out Tuesday—and went to the grocery store for them. I really needed the break. Since taking on more responsibility because of my parents’ ages and declining health, I’ve been feeling more stressed, deal with more time-constraints, and feel more fatigued. In addition to prayer, I take an alprazolam as needed—not every day, but on stressful days if I start feeling the tension in my chest, I take one--.25mg. God and medicine—sometimes that’s how I roll.

Today I made a major decision I had been praying about for awhile. I decided to quit singing in the choir. I feel, at this time in my life, that facilitating Bible studies is about all I can handle. Our choir does a 4-night major theatrical performance at Christmas and begins rehearsing new music in August, with extra rehearsals set throughout the next 4 months. There is no way I can do all that is required, so I sent in my resignation today. It was a hard decision, but I’m at peace about it, and I know that ministering to my parents at this stage of their lives is more important than anything else I will ever do.

Not only is this ragweed season, it is also the height of hurricane season. Living close to the Gulf of Mexico, tropical storms are always a topic of discussion in our local evening news. All of us living along the Gulf Coast have been praying for a quiet season, and so far, it has been one. Only 1 more month to go. Usually the Gulf waters are too cool after that for hurricanes to develop in October. Hurricane seasons increase my faith like no other seasons in my life. You have to come to terms with the fact that you have no control, and that if the worst happened, God would still be with you. He would help you face whatever you had to face. That is the only way I can make it through hurricane season without letting anxiety paralyze me every time a storm shows up in the Gulf. I know He is in control, and I know whatever He allows to happen, He will work it out for good. He was definitely with us in 2005 when Hurricane Rita hit. I think I blogged about all the “coincidences” that occurred so that everything worked out for my family.

A Welcomed Cool Front--Around the middle of every July, I abandon my patio because of the high temperatures and high humidity. Last night a cool front moved through the area, and this morning I was able to sit out on my patio without feeling like I had walked into a sauna. The humidity level was 33%--unheard of in August for South Texas—and it felt fall-ish. It was wonderful! It’s amazing how great low humidity can make you feel. We’ll have temps in the low 70’s for the next two mornings and then a storm system is moving in. I’m going to get up early every morning and enjoy it while I can. Tomorrow I take my parents to the cardiologist, and after that, I’m going to enjoy myself outside. Since my husband can no longer see well enough to mow, my sweet oldest son has been coming into town and mowing the yard for us. I can do a little watering but my back will not let me do more than that. I hope to see a few hummingbirds tomorrow. If I do, I’ll snap some pics and post them. My youngest son and his wife are coming in this weekend. I can't wait to see them. It's been about a month. They'll bring my grand-dog, too, of course. :)

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