Saturday, March 26, 2011

App for Praying God's Word Prayer Cards

iTunes App Store now has a free app for Beth Moore's Praying God's Word Prayer Cards for ipod touch, iphone, ipad. An introduction and the first set of cards are free. The first set is for Overcoming Unbelief. Other sets are $.99 each. There is a set for Overcoming  pride, rejection, feeling unloved, insecurity, guilt, despair, addictions, etc. I have used these cards when I bought them at years ago. I love the fact that I can have them on my ipod! You can also email a card you really love to others and can bookmark your Favorites. There's about 30 cards in each set.

I emailed one of the prayer cards that I loved to myself and when I received it, I found a link to Prayergates website included. There is a song on there that is just wonderful and so encouraging if you are feeling like you are weary and beaten down or have been rejected. The website is and if you scroll all the way down, in the right hand corner you will see a box “Media Preview”. Click on the play button and you’ll hear the song, For Good. You can download the song and the lyrics. This beautiful song was written by Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore’s worship leader and a terrific singer and songwriter.

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