Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Easter

God reminded me today through a song that if I wanted to fully embrace this Easter, I need to cast ALL of my burdens at His feet with the faith that He will take care of them, so that I may fix my gaze on the beauty and wonder of my Lord and His glorious, unconditional, incomparable love for me. A love that endured the beatings, the sufferings, and the humiliation of the crucifixion and bore the sins of the whole world. And because of His great sacrifice, I am accepted, adopted, blessed, chosen, forgiven, loved, and redeemed. I can rely on His strength when I am weak so that I may no longer be a captive to fear and anxiety--no longer paralyzed by them--no longer running from an unseen enemy. Because of the Holy Spirit living in me, I have divine power that enables me to stand and fight with the Truth of God's Word. I get a new opportunity every morning to take captive any lies in my head with the Truth of God and His love for me that sets me free, and I can get on with the life He has called me to live. I get to step out of the darkness of my negative thoughts and into the Light every time I choose to believe God and focus on His goodness, compassion, mercy, love, and forgiveness. And it's all because of Jesus. Thank you, Jesus! Praise you, Lord!

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