Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Suggestions

I’ve recently finished Elizabeth George’s Loving God with All Your Mind Bible study. It’s 6 weeks, with short lessons for 4 days out of the week, & you don’t really need the dvd. There are no viewer guide fill-in-the-blanks. This Bible study discusses what the Bible says about growing toward God’s purpose for your life, trusting God at all times no matter what, placing your anxieties in His hands, living one day at a time, finding peace in every circumstance. (I made notes! Lots of them!)

 Another 6-week study, is called Set Apart by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. There are dvds but they aren’t necessary. Again, there are no viewer guide fill-in-the-blanks. Jennifer is a widow with 3 married sons. She’s written several books and Bible studies, and Beth Moore as well as other Bible teachers quote from her writings. This is a 6-week look at the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer. The back of the study says, “Want happiness? Pursue holiness!” I’m going to begin this one soon.

 If you aren’t doing a Bible study this summer, two good reads are two I recently finished: “The Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman” by Anne Ortlund which is about setting goals and priorities & organizing your clothes & closet, as well as your life; and “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” by Elizabeth George which is also about organizing your life—can you tell I need help in that area? Elizabeth talks about Anne’s idea of making a personal notebook, making a To Do list, and being the kind of woman God created you to be regarding marriage, family, ministry, etc. Elizabeth’s book is one I’m going to take apart and look at more closely over the summer.

This morning I opened my eyes, felt the vibrating in my veins once again and began praying my Scriptures. The truth of the words I spoke out loud just rang in my heart, and after a few minutes the vibrating went away. I continued worshiping & praising God, and I felt so blessed that I had Someone like Jesus who cares for me. Who makes it His business to look after me, even though I don’t, and can never, deserve it. Believers are a blessed bunch of people! He is right by our side. We live by His strength. By His grace. By His love.

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