Friday, July 8, 2011

Redeemed and Summoned by Name

Well, a lot has happened since June 23! I was able to finish Jennifer Kennedy Dean's Bible study, Set Apart, and I cannot believe how appropriate this study has been for this particular season in my life. Once again, God knew exactly what I needed from His Word. Truly, we are redeemed and summoned by a compassionate and loving Father. There is so much love for us in God's heart and in His Word. Set Apart has shown me once again that my significance, my identity, my dignity, and my deepest longings are met in Christ alone. We have such riches available to us in our relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ and His Word. Not material riches, but riches for the spirit, soul, and mind. Life-giving riches that energize and renew and rejuvenate! But it takes time to "mine" these riches. Only then will we be able to live to the praise of His glory in all circumstances and in our relationships.

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