Friday, September 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 30

My husband had experienced a little pain while mowing the grass and while walking on the treadmill last Monday, but the pain went away whenever he stopped what he was doing. He thought there was something the matter with his bronchial tube because that's where the discomfort was. He called his physician and they told him to go to the Emergency Room. He thought they were over-reacting and waited two days until his scheduled appointment made previously to follow-up on some meds he was taking. After explaining his symptoms, his doctor called a cardiologist for an appointment. They said, "Come now!" We went immediately, and my husband had an EKG, ultrasounds on his heart and carotid arteries, and another test, then went back Monday, the 29th, for a stress test--which my husband passed. We met with the cardiologist who reviewed all the tests and pictures and then told us that my husband had significant blockage and would need an arteriogram. We were both shocked--especially since he had passed the stress test. An arteriogram was scheduled for Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I prayed with my husband that God would heal the blockage or, if that was not His plan, that the least invasive procedure would be used to clear the blockage. Later that morning, the arteriogram showed 4 partial blockages (two at 90%, one at 80%, and one at 70%) and one artery completely blocked that had already formed its own by-pass. Of course, we know God is the One who made that by-pass. The cardiologist consulted with a heart surgeon and, in the end, left it up to my husband whether to try stints or do by-pass surgery. My husband chose stints. The first two were put in and immediately his arteries were opened. Praise God! The cardiologist later told me it was beautiful to see! We go back next Tuesday for two more stints in the arteries behind his heart. We feel truly blessed by the grace of God that these blockages were found, that stints were able to be used, and that God allowed his heart to form its own by-pass.

We had a follow-up visit Thursday with the cardiologist, and he admitted he had not expected so much blockage because my husband had not had a heart attack before. We give all the glory to God!

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