Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Compassionate God

Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you;
therefore he will rise up to show you compassion.
For the LORD is a God of justice.
Blessed are all who wait for him!
How gracious he will be when you cry for help!
As soon as he hears, he will answer you. (Isaiah 30:18-19, NIV)

These are wonderful verses to meditate on and to memorize. They will remind us that God is for us and also how important it is to wait for Him and not act without consulting Him. Psalm 37 emphasizes that very thing when it speaks of trusting the Lord. "Be still and wait patiently for the Lord. Do not fret...." I was reminded of those verses in my quiet time this morning. How many times do I fret over things and what good does it do me? Nothing but more stress and anxiety comes from it. I'm going to try really hard this coming week to give God everything that comes my way and focus on His love for me and His goodness and compassion. When I concentrate on Him, especially the blessings He has given me and all I have to be grateful for, then I have something I can share with others that God may put in my path. Something that will bless and edify the both of us.

Yes, life is hard, but the Lord is on our side--He is mighty to save! He will come through for us. We just need to wait on Him and trust in His timing.

Help us do that, O Lord. Help us wait patiently for you. And while we are waiting, help us remember all You have done for us and given us, and help us focus on Your promises in Your Word as we continue to meet with You. We depend upon You, O God, for You alone are our Savior. You are life and light to us. Glory to Your Name!


stephanie said...

Hi Joni,

Thank you for this post. I come to your blog often for support in my struggle with anxiety. I bought Beth Moore's Breaking free from spiritual strongholds after reading your blog and it has helped. But the anxiety has not left yet, and this week has been very tough. I sometimes feel so hopeless, and I doubt and wonder why God isn't healing me?

This just reminded me again to pray for patience and trust in his timing and his perfect plan.
Thank you again.

Joni said...

Dear Stephanie,
Sometimes God heals all at once, and sometimes God heals on a day-by-day basis and involves you in the process. For me, it was day-by-day. But I wouldn't give anything for those days because they kept me close to God, kept my mind on God, and kept my heart close to God. I also experienced God's peace and presence during the times I cried out to Him and prayed to Him during panic attacks and when I studied His Word and prayed to Him about everything that bothered me on a daily basis. I asked for the filling of His Holy Spirit every day, and I yielded my will to His. I asked Him to reveal Himself to me and to help me overcome my unbelief that He really cared for and loved me.

While you do those things, remember that anxiety doesn't just happen overnight. It is caused by chemicals in the brain that accumulate when we have negative emotions and thoughts that we suppress. The brain chemistry has been altered by those negative chemicals, and it takes time for the brain to regain balance. So cut out all caffeine, exercise daily for 30 minutes, stop watching suspenseful movies or shows that cause you to be even more anxious, and learn to talk to God honestly about your problems. He is our Counselor. If necessary, seek godly counsel from a professional who can teach you coping skills to help manage the anxiety.

Your sister in Christ,