Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to count the blessings that the Lord has graciously given to us. But I have had Thanksgivings in the past where I was really not in the mood to count my blessings, and, to be frank, I didn't think I had that many. But I remember the Thanksgiving the year God began to set me free from panic and depression. My parents, my husband, sons, and I had gathered around the table in our dining room. I just looked around at them. It was as though I was seeing them for the first time. Not one of my family members is perfect and many times we get on each other's last nerve, but what a joy it was to sit there with them in my right mind on that particular day.

I was so grateful to be alive and grateful to Jesus who had shown me how to stop listening to my own sinful, twisted, dark and flawed thinking and to trust in His wisdom and guidance and in His love for me. I was filled with joy that Thanksgiving and before the meal I told everyone that I was thankful to God for helping me make it through. We held hands for the blessing of the food and I almost cried in front of them because of the renewing work the Lord had done in my mind, in my soul, in my heart, and in my spirit.

If you are struggling to think of things you are thankful to God for this year, I hope you will remember one thing--you are alive because God loves you and wants you to live. You're still here because He has plans for you--plans that are beyond what your mind can conceive. You may not be able to grasp it now, but if you keep leaning on Him, meeting with Him in the morning in prayer, spending time with Him in His Word and applying that Word to your heart and life, earnestly seeking Him and His involvement in your life, humbly asking for forgiveness of sins and humbly forgiving those who have sinned against you, God will open your eyes to the blessings He has given you. Then you'll realize that no matter what is going on in your life, you are blessed because you are God's beloved child.

Ask God to open your eyes to His blessings in your life today.

Grace and peace to you all,
Joni (a fellow sojourner on the path to know and believe God)

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