Monday, April 23, 2012

My Answer

I was just asked a question in a comment left on an old post. The question was if I still take medication. ( I do, .25mg of alprazolam, when needed. I can battle daily anxiety with God's Word and prayer, but whenever I'm in intensely stressful circumstances for a week or more and unable to get alone and pray--for example, when my mother was in the hospital for a week and then a rehab facility for a week and I had to stay with her 14 hours a day--I will feel the "vibrating" inside me or pain where I had shingles in 2008, and I will take the medication my doctor prescribed.)  I believe this precious one is also worried taking medication shows a lack of faith. Oh, how the Enemy can twist our thoughts. We must remember that man does not think like God thinks. If you had a child who was overwrought, overwhelmed, so broken and burned out that she/he couldn't cope or think or focus and were in mental torment, and you knew of a medicine that would relieve their suffering, wouldn't you give it to them? Would you despise them for their needing it? Would you stop loving them or caring for them? Those of us who are predisposed to panic, anxiety, and depression need to stop condemning ourselves and place ourselves in the hands of our loving God and in the hands of the physician He directs us toward. Let the medicine do what it can do and let God do what only He can do. Whether we take medication or we don't take medication, it is God Who does the healing work in us. It is on Him we rely.

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