Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Been Away For Awhile

I haven't posted in some time. My attentions have been on preparations for the baby shower for my daughter-in-love. My husband and I are expecting to be first-time grandparents in late October. We are thrilled!

I have also been studying the effects of chronic stress. I wasn't surprised to learn that life changes such as death, moving, a new job, new baby, divorce, marriage, menopause, etc. has stressful effects. Research has a lot to say about childhood experiences, genetic make-up, and personality-types and how they affect the way people respond to stress. Not everyone has the same levels of the feel-good hormones (serotonin and endorphins) or the natural tranquilizers God created in our bodies. For this reason, medications may be necessary for awhile, as well as exercise, eating a balanced diet, cutting out caffeine and sugar. Meditating on Scripture and spending time just sitting in silence before God is key in reducing stressful symptoms. It forces our focus back to Christ Jesus, our place of safety. Just sitting and listening in a receptive mode allows God's presence to be felt. This is something anyone can do for any length of time. It can be done for several minutes or at shorter intervals several times during the day. In this way, you are coming back "home", taking a break for your spirit and soul before going about your business. I'm making this a daily habit, and I feel more at peace.

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