Saturday, September 29, 2012

On Second Thought

I've been doing some thinking about how to do the Be Still book giveaway. In order to make it more fair, I decided I'd write down all the names of those who leave a comment within 24 hours on the Giveaway post that's coming soon. Then I'll put all the names in a bowl, draw out two, and I'll post the winners.

I received word yesterday that the books have been shipped. :)



Meela said...

Is this where I leave a comment? I would love to own this book.

Joni said...

No, Meela. I'm going to post the giveaway as soon as the books are delivered to my house. It'll have the title Be Still Giveaway Today!

I'm glad you're interested, though. :)

Meela said...

Okay, thank you!