Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since I only had 3 posts within the 24 hours, I can announce the winners earlier than 1 pm. I let my husband choose from the 3 names I wrote and folded on 3 pieces of paper.


One Day at a Time

Woohoo! If you sweet ones will send me your contact info: name and address, I'll mail the Be Still Devotional to you.

This was fun for me and my very first giveaway. There may be more in the works. We'll see. :)

The Be Still devotional books came in! Hallelujah! So....if you'd like to be in the drawing, leave a comment on this post. At 9:40 am tomorrow, I'll stop accepting names and will draw two from those of you who commented. I'll post the names at the top of this post tomorrow around 1 pm. If you're name is listed, please email me (see my profile for email address) with your name and address, and I'll mail the books on Monday.


RockinMom said...

Hello- I would love to be entered in your give-away for the the Be Still devotional book.

Marion Dykstra said...

would love to win the devotional...i just found this page today...I am a mother of two who is suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks...I feel hope now after putting my faith in Jesus

Joni said...

Hi Marion, "Greater is He who is In you,.,." Your heavenly Father is God Almighty and He is your safe place. Ask Him to hide you in Christ Jesus and to destroy your enemy ( fear). Then cling to Jesus by faith. He is your protective & powerful Shepherd!

One Day At A Time said...

Hi, Joni! I was searching online for scripture that addresses social anxiety, and of course blessedly stumbled upon your blog! I am very thankful for your encouraging words. I felt an immediate connection when I saw that your favorite books are also my favorite books: Oswald Chambers and Hinds Feet and Beth Moore Bible studies. :) I have struggled hard for many years, but God has taught me much through it. The devotional looks amazing, you are so sweet to offer a giveaway! I would love to be included. Thank you! ~Laura

Marion Dykstra said...

Thank you Joni! Hearing words like those and thinking about them all day is saving me

Joni said...

Hi, Laura. I have also suffered much from social anxiety. Staying inthe love of Jesus by meditating on how much He loves and cares for me and is always with me helps me so much. The Lord is for us and His gentle loving Spirit is in us to encourage & strengthen.

Joni said...

May God bles you, Marion, with the knowledge of His presence with you today. He is your glorious Savior, your rear guard AND He will be your guide.