Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scripture Memory with Beth Moore

Beth Moore is starting up her Scripture Memory team which she does every other year. If you're interested in doing this (memorizing two verses a month for the year of 2013 and logging onto her website the 1st and 15th of each month to post them and see others post theirs), here's the link to her blog post regarding it.

I look forward to this and already have my spiral I ordered through her store. But you can use any blank 3x5 spiral if you want. This is a really cool way to motivate memorizing Scripture and, in the process, getting God's Word deep in our minds and hearts. I try to memorize Scripture on the off years she doesn't do this blog activity, but it's so much fun doing it with others.


Peter said...

If you prefer using your smartphone instead of a spiral, download Remember Me. You can easily add Beth's memory verses to this app. Remember Me allows you to listen to the verses, practice them using games and quizzes, and to review them just before you forget them.

Joni said...

Thanks, Peter. :)