Monday, May 27, 2013

Relax in God's Blessings

Stepping outside and taking pictures is wonderful therapy for me. God has given us so much to enjoy, and it's free! Relaxing on a porch swing, staring up into a blue sky, watching clouds being pushed along by an invisible breeze, checking out the new lily blooms, or enjoying the sun coming up in the morning. Just some of God's blessings that bring joy to my heart. :)


Ev Brewer said...

Hi Friend, I found your blog some time ago when an issue arose in my life that impacted my extended family. Panic began to take hold. I don't even remember what I googled, but your site came up. Verses calmed my heart that night and I returned to them often. I'm prayerfully starting my own blog but I've never forgotten yours. Will continue to follow! Blessings, E. Brewer

Joni said...

Hi, Friend! I pray God's continued presence in your life and His inspiration for your blog entries. :)