Saturday, October 26, 2013

God Is Greater Than Evil

God tells us that wisdom that is not from above is evil, demonic. He warns us not to have anything to do with palm readers, mediums, astrologers, or spiritists, or other works of darkness.

I know about evil. I sensed it during panic attacks several years ago. It caused me to run that much quicker to Jesus, to grab my Scriptures and pray them on my knees. God always came through and that sense of evil would leave and the fear would leave and I would experience a peace I cannot describe to you. God loves us and protects us when we rely on Him. Alone, we are no match for Satan. God’s Word is our Sword of the Spirit just like Ephesians 6 tells us, and the enemy has to flee when we resist him, just like James 4 tells us. God IS greater and Jesus IS Lord, just like God’s Word tells us.

I am still learning about God and how He operates—He is so much bigger and greater than we can ever imagine—but I do know that the closer I get to God and the more I read His Word, the more He exposes darkness, falsehoods, and strongholds. Obeying God is ALWAYS the best decision you and I will ever make, and we will save ourselves a lot of grief if we take Him at His Word.

I am so grateful to God for being faithful to me and loving me and protecting me. I am so grateful for Jesus for taking my sin upon Himself and dying for me so that I could not only have eternal life, but so that I could have His Holy Spirit of incomparable power living in me. I am so grateful that prayer and praise and praying His Word activates that power. I will never forget what a refuge He was for me then—and still is today. I don’t want anyone to experience that sense of evil. Know the Word. Know your God. And don’t fall for the schemes of the devil through seemingly innocent activities.

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