Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Unexpected

Friday Update: My husband had two fully blocked secondary arteries, but his heart made its own bypass so no stent was put in. Looking at dietary, medication, and exercise changes. We're so thankful and give God the glory for the bypass his heart made. Thank you for your prayers. :)

One of the things that can trigger anxiety in me is when the unexpected occurs. My husband has just finished three days of testing at the cardiologist, and today we were told his chemical stress test showed blockage near the bottom of his heart. He's going to have an arteriogram Friday.

This was definitely not expected! He's been feeling fine. Walking nearly every day. Taking his meds regularly. We fully expected he'd pass all these tests. We sat together in the cardiologist's office this morning in stunned silence after hearing the report. His doctor showed me the pictures taken during the stress test, and you could definitely see there was a problem. We were both grateful that something was found out before he had a major heart attack, but still it took some time for it all to sink in. Three years ago four stents were put in four arteries of my husband's heart. He had experienced minor chest pain at that time, and his regular physician had insisted he go see a cardiologist. This time we had no inkling there was something wrong. Because my husband is also blind, I hated for him to have to go through this procedure again.

After coming home and calling family, I began experiencing the tightening in my chest, the uncomfortable sensations of anxiety, and I took half a tablet of  .25mg of alprazolam. I had cut back a few months ago to one pill twice a day and had recently cut back a little more. I knew I didn't have enough natural tranquilizers in me to handle the situation.

While trying to take a nap, the old vibrating feeling in my veins came back. I prayed out loud to my Father in heaven and my Lord Jesus some of my favorite Scriptures that affirmed my faith and trust in God's Word, and the Lord's presence in me. I give the Lord praise because the vibrating left!  I know my husband and I are in God's hands, and I am praying for a good report Friday afternoon and, if needed, for the least invasive procedure. I would appreciate your prayers as well--for both my husband and me.

I pray you are all doing well and finding your hope and help in our Lord Jesus and His Word.

God is Who He says He is, God can do what He says He can do, We are who God says we are, We can do all things through Christ, God's Word is alive and active in us.  (Beth Moore, Believing God Bible Study)


Anonymous said...

Im praying for you and your husband. God Bless you both!

Joni said...

Thank you so much!