Monday, February 16, 2015

Siesta Scripture Memory Team Verse #4

 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Co. 12:9 NIV

This is another verse I need right now. Life has been going fast and furious and my energy level has been depleted. For the past two months I've felt as if I had "iron-poor, tired blood" (that's from an old commercial advertising Geritol). Anxiety levels creep up when I'm overly tired, and I've been praying for God's peace and strength. I hate to disappoint people by not showing up when and where I've promised to show up, so I push myself to "do and do" instead of rest, and I end up overly exhausted and feeling like a deflated balloon. Then I feel depressed. I hate to admit I am not strong. I hate for others to see I am not strong. But like Paul, I need to submit to Christ's lordship and accept His will and His grace. Here is what the NIV Life Application Bible Commentary says about this verse:

"The Greek word for 'weakness' means the frailty of human existence--the shortcomings we encounter in our bodies. Thus Christ's strength is brought to completion when it shows itself through human weakness. Personal success and self-sufficiency obscures God's work. When there is no adversity, Jesus' power can be overlooked or taken for granted. Obvious weakness shows Jesus' power in full relief."

Thank you, Jesus, for your sustaining grace and power.

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