Monday, April 6, 2015

God's Everlasting Love, Our Confidence

"I have loved you with an everlasting love..." Jer. 31:3 NIV84

See yourself believing
so profoundly
in the love, reliability, and power
of God in Jesus Christ
that you can stand
in His strength
even against
what you fear the most.
(Learning to Tell Myself the Truth, by Dr. William Backus)

In 2004 when anxiety was so intense, I dreaded shopping or going to doctor appointments, I took my spiral of Scriptures dealing with fear and anxiety with me everywhere I went. And when I had enough memorized, I would say them to myself during elevator rides, or going down windowless hospital corridors, or while sitting in strange doctor waiting rooms, or driving long distances.

Because I believed in God's Word and in Jesus, I was soon able to stand in the love and  strength of Jesus and not let fear take complete control. This was a gradual process. I wrote the Scriptures on the spiral and read them every morning and evening for a few weeks before I started leaving the house by myself. Soon my panic attacks stopped coming. I had not known how to bring God into my everyday circumstances until I started truly believing and relying on what He has said in His Word.

Life has its cycles. Once more I've had to deal with prolonged stress and anxiety has been triggered. I tried another SSRI, but developed serotonin toxicity, so I stopped taking it. I'm back to .25mg alprazalom three times a day. My nervous system has begun to settle down again and I'm spending more time in quietness and prayer and meditation on God's Word.

"See yourself believing so profoundly....." I did that in 2004. I'm doing it again now. And I invite you to do it, too.

"The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace." Ro. 8:6b ESV

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