Sunday, August 30, 2015

30 Reasons To Go To Church

30 Reasons To Go To Church:

1.     Because God’s Presence is there.
2.     Because Christ Jesus went to church (even with the hypocrits--Pharisees).
3.     Because God has given each one of us special talents/gifts through the Holy Spirit that were meant to be used in a church home in service to other believers in Christ.
4.     Because when you love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength, you want to be where the Word is read and studied and where Christ is preached.
5.     Because where two or more are gathered together in Christ’s name, He is there.
6.     To fulfill God’s command through Paul not to forsake meeting together.
7.     To worship God in a place wholly focused on Him.
8.     To unite with believers in worshipping our Lord and our God.
9.     To be trained for spiritual battle.
10.  To feed on the Word together as the people of God.
11.  To be ministered to by the body of Christ.
12.  To share our experiences with one another and learn from them.
13.  To testify of God’s faithfulness.
14.  To be brought under conviction.
15.  To be held accountable in our daily walk
16.  To sing praises together to the Lord in the assembly.
17.  To find a place of rest, solace, peace.
18.  To pray with and for other believers.
19.  Because being with other believers strengthens your faith.
20.  Because learning the doctrines of your faith is important.
21.  Because false doctrine/beliefs  need to be exposed.
22.  Because a church family loves unconditionally.
23.  Because you make godly friends.
24.  Because children need training in godliness.
25.  Because everyone is welcome in church.
26.  Because we’re called to love and care for the saints.
27.  Because ministries are born out of church membership.
28.  Because the life of a church is found in its members.
29.  So the world will know that we’re united in Christ.
30.  Because every church is precious to God.

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