Friday, July 15, 2016

My Dream

This is a journal entry from April 20, 2005:

"Woke up this morning from a wonderful dream and felt completely in God’s care. What a wonderful way to start your day. The funny thing about the dream was it should’ve been a nightmare. I was in a houseful of people. A lady was telling me about her neighbor. She said one day she answered the door, and her neighbor was standing on the stoop and asked, “Do you see that man over there?” and the lady looked but there was no man. The woman went away. Then the doorbell rang as she was telling me the story, and it was the neighbor again.  She asked us, “Do you see that man under the tree? He has on a sailor suit.” We looked but didn’t see anything. The neighbor left and the lady told me the woman was crazy. I first wanted to shiver with fear, but  I said in my mind, "I am not afraid. God is with me," and the fear left. Just then we looked out the door and saw a water spout. Suddenly, it started thundering and raining. Everyone panicked because a tornado was coming. The wind picked up and sounded like a loud roaring. I started saying my Scripture verses on overcoming fear from memory and started praising God because I wasn’t afraid. The house shook. I fell back on the floor and felt the house being lifted from the ground. I still wasn’t afraid. I was elated! I thought, “Isn’t this great? This tornado is lifting us up to God!" And I wanted it to lift us higher and higher. I felt this deepening peace in my heart, and I knew everything was going to be all right. And then I woke up. And that peace that I felt was still in me. It was wonderful. I wish I could explain what I felt like. It was such a calm assurance and restfulness. I would love to wake up this way every day!"

I still remember that feeling. It was just awesome. I think the more we meditate on God's Word, the more it penetrates and renews--even affecting our dreams. 

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