Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Be Still

I watched the Be Still DVD and have been putting into practice the Contemplative Prayer exercise that they suggested. This DVD has Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Richard Foster, Max Lucado, Dallas Willard, and others talking about the importance of contemplation and solitude while listening for God's voice as you read His Word. It suggests the sequence of praying that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart and then instead of reading a whole chapter during your Quiet Time, take shorter passages of Scripture, perhaps 3 or 4 verses and read it 4 times slowly. As you reflect on what you've read, see if a phrase or a verse speaks to you--that's God highlighting His Word just for you that moment. Then ask yourself what God wants you to do with what He has shown you. You may want to write the verse down or journal about what He's telling you. Then sit back and rest in the awesome Presence of our Lord.

The first time I did this, I was already reading in the Book of John. I began where I had left off, only this time I had decided to read just 4 verses. However, when my eyes hit the words "the Father is greater than I", they refused to budge. I'd intended to keep reading but nothing doing. So I started over, because I had just read 2 verses, and the same thing happened. I couldn't get past the words, "the Father is greater than I". (I don't think I really realized God would speak to me on my first try at this.)

So then I sat back and I contemplated the words. I thought, as great as Jesus is, God is even greater. Then the words God is greater just kept ringing in my soul so that I had to say it out loud several times. Each time with more and more conviction, and then I finally realized God was wanting me to apply this to a problem I had prayed about the day before. (Sometimes it takes awhile for things to sink in.) I was able to sit back and just rest in the knowledge that God was in control and that He wanted me to know it. I guess that's what quiet time really should be--us asking the Lord to speak and then letting Him lead us through His Word. If you have a chance to get this DVD (I ordered it through Amazon) I would encourage you to do it. There's a beautiful song on there that you can listen to before your quiet time to help calm and settle your mind.


Mommy Dot Com said...

Love your post! Very encouraging. I think I'll never forget that verse now, "The Father is greater than I".
Thank you,

Shelly said...

That sounds good. I've never heard of that DVD, but man!

It does my soul so good to let it be washed in the water of His Word. Thank you.