Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26 (My 100th Post!)

The Lord gave me a reality check a few minutes ago. I was going to sing a sacrifice of praise to Him in the midst of some “heavy” stuff I’m dealing with, and the song He brought to mind for me to worship Him was not the one I preferred to sing. So instead I sang the second song that came to mind--after I fished for it. The doxology, “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”. Short. I could manage that. As soon as I had finished singing it (in a dismal, self-pitying tone, I might add), I felt the compulsion to sing His first choice for me—“Great is Thy Faithfulness”. I decided God must really want me to sing it, so I went along. As soon as I’d sung the words “all I have needed Thy Hands hath provided,” they hit my heart--HARD. I had to stop singing and think about what they were saying.

All I have needed. I felt the truth of those words deep in my soul. God has always provided what I needed. Not always what I wanted--but what I needed. Needs like love, the assurance that I am Christ’s and He is mine, and peace of mind. Things like security, a home, a family, a church home, and friends. I felt so humbled that I immediately began thanking God for providing for me throughout all of my life--and most especially, these past few weeks that have been so hard on me emotionally and spiritually. I’d been focusing on what I didn’t have—desperate prayers not answered (yet), lives not changed (yet), works in me not finished (yet!!)--so much so that I hadn’t been giving God the glory for the things I do have by His grace.

So I’m thanking you again, my loving Father, publicly this time, for all the ways You’ve provided for me since the time I was born. Physical needs and spiritual needs. For the many trials you’ve brought me and my family through, for divine intervention in daily circumstances, for Your guidance and teaching, for Your Word that continually encourages me, for Your Spirit that constantly guards me. May I ever welcome the chance to sing, “Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.”

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