Monday, January 26, 2015

Praise God, Exalt the Name of Jesus

No matter what is going on in your mind, heart, or life right now, praise God. Sing His praises and remember you belong to Christ. Keep Jesus exalted in your mind over every thing because no thing is greater than your Savior.  He chose you, called you, redeemed you, justified you. He will enable you to stand, and stand you will. God is faithful, no matter how it feels or looks right now. God is watching over you. Praising Him will strengthen you and encourage you, and help you get rid of "stinkin thinkin".

You are loved and precious to God. You can have fellowship with Jesus. Keep your eyes on the goal--complete union with Christ, following His example and His leading.  Remember what the Lord told Peter--"You follow me".  Let everyone else and everything else go, entrust them to God, and you follow Christ. He is your refuge and your strength. He is your life!

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