Monday, June 30, 2008

Comments on Consecrate Your Mind

Thank you all for taking the time to comment. Sheryl, God gave me a wonderful example of my relationship with Him yesterday. It just came to me. I remembered how in the first Superman movie, Superman took Lois on a flying lesson. At first, she was terrified and clung to his shoulder and arm and hid her eyes. Then as she saw he had her, she stopped hiding her eyes and began to enjoy herself. Then, she let go of his shoulder and just held onto his arm. A few minutes later she was enjoying her freedom so much, she let go of his arm and just held his hand. As her confidence grew even more, she let go of his hand until she was holding onto just a finger. Then she felt so confident and free that without realizing what she was doing, she let go of his finger--and plummeted to earth. But he was there to swoop down and catch her again. The parallel between that flight and my walk with Jesus was so illuminating to me. I had grown too confident. In my heart and mind, I had let my grip on Jesus relax until I was just holding His hand. And I didn't even realize it until the anxiety symptoms started coming back. Praise God for the way He cares for us and helps us fulfill our commitment to Him!

Jill, I prayed the same thing to God. I know myself and how easily influenced I am by the things I watch on television and the news. Somehow I have fallen into the habit of television again. I asked Him years ago to keep me from loosening my grip on Him, and I believe He did that Sunday.

Linda, (I sent you an email), thank you for your encouragement to keep blogging. Believe it or not, I had thought about shutting down this blog just moments before I read your comment. I wondered if I spent too much time writing (I'm a perfectionist and it takes me awhile to write and make sure it's something that glorifies God.) After reading your comment, I felt God had affirmed I should keep blogging until He tells me otherwise.


Sheryl said...

love the picture of truly holding on to Jesus not just His hand, but totally!

and what do you mean you were thinking of not blogging any more. i just found you, you can't stop now!!


Anonymous said...

Joni you are Awesome!!!!!
I totally see how all of us can be like Lois and get so comfy and confident we can lose our grip a bit~ Praise the Lord that He will never let us fall, and when the grip is loosened a bit~ He reaches in and Grabs hold of us once again!!!

thank you so much for sharing Joni :)
as always~ you are such an encouragement and I thank God for you and for your blog ;)

Love your sis in Christ,

km said...

I love that picture!. I sometimes have thought "Why is it that I have to cling so to Jesuse...I see others just carefree through life." I never before thought that I was "flying". I know that I'm experiencing an intimacy with HIM that many can not yet comprehend. Thanks for this example!

Joni said...

Is God not great? I had not thought of Superman in over 8 years (I mean, why would I?), but as I was teaching in Sunday School Sunday, God put this idea into my head. I'm so glad you "see" it, too. :o)