Sunday, June 29, 2008

Consecrate Your Mind

For the past several days I've been crying out to God asking Him to show me or tell me what's going on with me. Anxiety has been cropping up in little symptoms here and there--I couldn't understand why they'd come back and not stay away like before. This morning while singing in the choir, I felt these words impressed upon me--Consecrate Your Mind. I was in the middle of singing a song, but it was like these words were written in bold, large letters in my mind. I knew instantly what He meant. I had not been guarding my mind. Because I have had peace for so long, I had become confident and had stopped reading the Bible as much and listening to praise music as much as I did in the days I was desperately seeking Him. I had been watching too much television, spending too much time on the computer--letting too much of the world enter my mind. So I said, "Yes" in my spirit this morning and I recommitted my mind to Jesus. Everything I have is His, after all. Then I came home and told my husband. And bless his heart, he agreed. We turned off the television and left it off until the Astros baseball game came on. Then he watched and I cooked dinner. I feel so much better now. I feel as if God's eye is on me and He's helping me live for Him. Glory to God!


Sheryl said...

Joni, I love that "consecrate your mind". Isn't it funny (not really) that when we're doing better we don't spend as much guarding our minds. Anxiety is a constant component with my illness and I KNOW I need to be speaking scripture out loud and listening to praise music. Thanks for the great reminder to consecrate my mind!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I've been reading your blog daily.. I even go back to the verse; even though I printed them out & read them every night. I give the glory to god who send me to your blog when I was in desperate need. I was very nervous & having anxiety. Feeling depressed & having a great fear in my heart. Your blogs help me. I love you sister in christ; even though we havent met. Keep on writing for you are mininstering to my life & I'm sure many others. I pray the lord cont giving you strength & guidance. Stay stong in the lord. Remember God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Amen...

Anonymous said...

oh thank you for sharing this Joni!!!
that is actually one of the things i worry about when He does completely heal me from anxiety~ because i know how much i have clung to Him and His Word during all of this, i don't want that part to ever go away~ and i know it can easily slip away as we feel better~

i am so happy for you :) and your
renewed commitment!!
hugs :)
your sis in Christ,