Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding Freedom from Your Fears

Someone commented on one of my posts that they had read Finding Freedom from Your Fears by H. Norman Wright, so I thought I'd buy it and read it. It came in the mail this afternoon and already I have found something to share here.

"During your most intense bouts with fear, allow your mind to operate like an echo chamber. Instead of letting your fears reverberate within that chamber, let the words of Scripture continually echo--'fear not...fear not...fear not.'"

Recalling Scripture is like washing your mind with fresh faith and cleansing it from fear. I take my Scriptures like Isaiah 43:1-4 and Isaiah 41:10, as well as others, with me wherever I go. I have discovered that I still need them even though my last panic attack was in 2006. I praise God that I need His Word. My mind has been changed by it, my personality has been strengthened by it, and my life is worth living because of it.

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beautyinallthings said...

I am glad you bought it. Thanks for sharing! I hope you enjoy it!