Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hebrews 8 Sunday School Lesson

Gleanings from Hebrews 8: Because of Jesus, I can stop trying hard, trying harder, trying hardest to be good. When I give up trying to change myself by adhering to a set of rules and regulations and instead focus on my relationship to God through Jesus Christ, His Word becomes engraved in my heart and mind and His Spirit directs my actions. I'm freed up from working myself to death at being religious and I'm filled up with freedom that comes from knowing personally my Lord and Savior! This is part of the saving grace of the new covenant. Good news, indeed!


Kristal C said...

Your second sentence is golden! This is my goal each and every day.

God's grace is very much sufficient over any futile effort to cross every T's and dot every I's the world throws our way. We are imperfect so we will always fall short by our own means, but only through and by His blood have we been made perfect.

Thanks for posting this reminder!

Joni said...

So glad that resonated with you, too, Kristal!